Network information and family support 

Leadership Network of Scandinavia is helping friends and leaders doing great things. We dream, act, connect and share together. In this we are all family.

We cooperate with our friends and partners. We want to support great things and people for a brave new world. We also want to create value for each network member, both personal and professional.

As a non-profit organization we try to co-fund what we do.  

Our co-funding model "family supporting member" is based on free will from our network members. If you  like what we try to do and want to support us with resources in any way , fill in the form below.

Another way to support us is just to connect to our network by the things we do, share our existence to friends and on social media etc.  

Thank you!

Your Team - Tomas, Daniel, Malin, Tina and Magnus


From September 2017 - Support and co-fund.

Please contact us or fill in the form below. 



EuroAcademy is a value based Leadership Institute supporting leaders on every level with personal & professional development. 

If you would like know more or to join our network, as network member, family supporting member or as partner, fill out the form below and we will get back to you.

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